Re: [Evolution] About "hide read messages"

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 21:00, Not Zed wrote:
If you have a folder option like 'hide deleted' works, then you will
also still need some manual 'update now' button/menu item, since you
will otherwise have the mailbox 'reading itself', and messages
vanishing before you can read them just by viewing them.

I'm just speculating here, since I haven't looked at the code and I
haven't written any code myself in about 10 years (I think I'm dating
myself). But is there a way that Evolution can keep track of folder
views? If so, then Evolution could mark messages as read immediately,
but only hide them when the folder is closed (or some update function is
called). This could avoid the problem of messages disappearing before
they're read. But if the reader leaves that folder to view another one,
and then comes back, read messages are hidden. It's a sort of "hide read
messages, but only after the user leaves the folder" function. (This is
how another mailreader I've used works, but I have no idea how it's

Explaining it over, and over ... and over and over.  Gets tiring and
wastes a lot of time.  Hopefully we'll have a FAQ soon which will
address most of the FAQ's - far too long a time in coming.

A big help for me, even more so than a FAQ, would be searchable
archives. As it is now, we can only search a given month, which is not
very useful unless one knows what month something was discussed. I don't
supposed this list is served by something like Listserv?


David Guertin
Library and Information Services
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753 USA

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