Re: [Evolution] About "hide read messages"

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 22:18 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
You're not a coder are you?  Or even a software engineer.

Deal with it.

I'm not trying to instigate or point fingers, just to vent a bit of
frustration about the nature of this list (or perhaps about my
misunderstanding of the function of this list?).

Well, how much did you pay for this software?

OK.  I think it's fairly obvious that I've made you (and perhaps others)
angry by my comments.  (That or I'm dealing with sarcasm too thick for
my thick head.)  If so, that was not my intention and I apologise.  I
was trying to open doors to dialogue about the development of this
particular piece of software.

I have only done a bit of software work and never anything on such a
level as Evolution.  However, I don't think my credentials are
necessary; I think this is more a matter of how one goes about
implementing any change, which is a question available to all, IMO.  As
I mentioned, there have in the past been a number of suggestions that
seem to be quite helpful, useful, and, at least to a non-coder,
intuitive; the question, "Why doesn't it do that already?" often seems
natural.  When they are suggested, though, around here the answers are
often dismissive where they could be informative.  (Of course, I've had
similar experience with a half-dozen or so pieces of software.)  Reasons
why our suggestions are turned down would be nice, for I don't doubt
that you (all) have them, but without them, the end user (i.e. the one
making the suggestion) is left in the dark and feels turned down.  If
that's the way you want it, fine, I have thick (enough) skin, but IMO,
that doesn't reflect too well.

Like Chuck, I think that there is a bit more attitude around here than I
really care for.  I know that I have now contributed (and again I
apologise for the way that probably came off), but it's certainly not
the first time.  Consider this my request for a bit more friendly
dialogue; I'm doing my best to contribute to that.


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