Re: [Evolution] Evolution 1.4.4 performance on KDE 3.1


The man is clearly a hero!  I'll test it soon.


On Thu, 2003-09-18 at 15:22, Dan Winship wrote:
OK, Ben Kahn in our support department did some investigating and
figured out what's going on. It seems SuSE 8.2 is set up so that when
you use KDE, by default it completely overrides the Gtk theme settings
and always uses a qt-like theme engine which, it turns out, is really
really awful.

In order to disable this, you have to do:

	touch ~/.no-qtrc-to-gtkrc-mapping

and then log out and log back in. (You may then need to change the gtk
theme in the control center as well.)

-- Dan

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