Re: [Evolution] Inline pictures in Evo 1.4.3

I just upgraded from 1.2 to the 1.4.3, and have a similar problem.

I have a script that sends received faxes as UUENCODEd pdf file to my mail address. Since the upgrade to 1.4.3 the attachment is not automatically decoded, previously I got it nicely as pdf attachment. I have not tried yet changing the script for mime (base64) encoding.

Some e-mails with jpg files attached to it (e-mails I have received in 1.2 already, I assume base64 encoded as it is html mail, how to check?) works fine.


On Sun, 2003-07-20 at 06:06, Bodo Bauer wrote:
On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 14:48, guenther wrote:

> Well, as you can send messages via GMX using any MUA, the email address
> does not identify the MUA properly. Judging from the boundary, it is
> likely the web frontend. To be sure, check the mail headers for a line
> very similar to:
> X-Mailer: WWW-Mail 1.6 (Global Message Exchange)
> This identifies the GMX web frontend as MUA.

This is what I found in the header:

X-Mailer:  WWW-Mail 1.6 (Global Message Exchange)

So it really is gmx web mail.

> FWIW: Seems, like GMX uses non-standard MIME types and thus breaks
> proper identification for any receiving MUA, that looks at the MIME type
> (like Evolution) rather than simply trying to display the attachment.
> (The very same dumb behavior, that opens holes in OE... ;)

Can't you just add pjpeg and handle the same way as jpeg?

Wouter van Marle <wouter squirrel-systems com>
Squirrel Systems HK

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