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Lloyd D Budd said:
On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 06:38, Michael Leone may have wrote:

If Hans has given it his best effort, which suggests that his
intention+ is to assist development of evo, then he is missing a lot
of details in his posting.

Why are you supposing that it's his intention to assist in developing
Otherwise, it does not seem to be a good idea to be running a devel

If no one runs the devel snapshots, how else to find bugs/make
suggestions? :-)

This is the Evo user's list; it sounded like a question from a user.
The developer's list is for people doing developing (coding) - at
least, that's how I interpret it. (the "developer's" list is called
"evolution-hackers", isn't it? In order to hack, you must code. :-)

That is an unusually interpretation.  Usually, a user list is not for
the bleeding edge, untested version, as devel often do not want to hear
when they broke something that they have broken on purpose.  I have
corrected though, it seems that it is encouraged to run devel snapshot.

There is no "Evo-beta" or "Evo-snapshot-users" list; just a general
Evo-users list. Also, since developers develop software for users, they
must hear about the results of their work from the intended users of that
work. Feedback is essential, as it is in almost every other area of

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