Re: [Evolution] Evolution

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 19:38, Hans Scheffers wrote:
I am using the development snapshot. Since a few days I cannot get to my
settings anymore.

I haven't seen any problems like this.  how do you mean you can't get to
settings?  there is no menu item or something else? everythig else
works?  did you run out of disk space?  any other disk permission

 Is there another way I can add / change / delete

not really, they are stored in xml but are not in human editable format.

I also cannot use my signatures anymore... Can I change the default
signature anymore?

its probably related to the settings problem.

as to the discussion that followed on the evoltuion list ... yeah this
is the right place to post it (its for users of evolution).  and
duplicate requests are more of a pain for us than singular problems like
this.  also, knowing about development version bugs quickly is often
useful, as the code in question is often still in our heads.  tho this
bug probably sounds like a local/installation issue to me.

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