Re: [Evolution] Proxy help!

Le mer 11/09/2002 à 04:53, Angus Beath a écrit :
Hey all,

I've been using evolution 1.0.8-3mdk with no trouble at all for quite a
while, however it has now stopped using the proxy settings to access the
net. This is a quite a problem for me. I've checked out the proxy
settings using gconftool and fixed them up, and I have also set the
gnome proxy stuff up properly. does anyone have any ideas about what I
might be missing or even where to start diagnosing this?

I've look into the issue with cooker gnome-vfs1 package and I don't
think I'll be able to do a "clean" migration between G1 and G2 gconf
keys for proxy settings.. If I patch gnome-vfs1, it will require an ugly
migration code to be added to cdda, ftp and http method.. And if I patch
gnome-control-center, it won't fix the problem for people who won't
start network configuration dialog..

Therefore, I suggest you run network configuration dialog
(Configuration/GNOME/Network) and set again your proxy settings..

Sorry about this problem..
Frederic Crozat

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