Re: [Evolution] Evolution

* Lloyd D Budd (linux foolswisdom org) wrote this on 09 10, 02 at 20:54: 
On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 03:08, Hans Scheffers wrote:
I am using the development snapshot. Since a few days I cannot get to my
settings anymore. Is there another way I can add / change / delete
I also cannot use my signatures anymore... Can I change the default
signature anymore?

I am not a evo developer.  

I do find it strange when seeing msgs from ppl using devel snapshots
requesting help in such a way that would likely distract developers from
developing.  If you can't drive, have not given your best effort to
learn to drive, and you are not looking for assistance on driving, don't
try driving.

How do you know that Hans has not given it his best effort?

Depending on the development model, these sort of messages against the
bleeding edge are excellent, but not likely in the context of evo. I
might even suggest that such a posting is off topic.

Oh, surely not.

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