Re: [Evolution] Evolution

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 06:38, Michael Leone may have wrote:

If Hans has given it his best effort, which suggests that his intention+
is to assist development of evo, then he is missing a lot of details in
his posting.

Why are you supposing that it's his intention to assist in developing Evo?
Otherwise, it does not seem to be a good idea to be running a devel

This is the Evo user's list; it sounded like a question from a user. The
developer's list is for people doing developing (coding) - at least,
that's how I interpret it. (the "developer's" list is called
"evolution-hackers", isn't it? In order to hack, you must code. :-)
That is an unusually interpretation.  Usually, a user list is not for
the bleeding edge, untested version, as devel often do not want to hear
when they broke something that they have broken on purpose.  I have
corrected though, it seems that it is encouraged to run devel snapshot.

Lloyd D Budd

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