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Lloyd D Budd said:
On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 20:54, Mike Leone may have wrote:
* Lloyd D Budd (linux foolswisdom org) wrote this on 09 10, 02 at
I am not a evo developer.

I do find it strange when seeing msgs from ppl using devel snapshots
requesting help in such a way that would likely distract developers
from developing.  If you can't drive, have not given your best
effort to learn to drive, and you are not looking for assistance on
driving, don't try driving.

How do you know that Hans has not given it his best effort?

If Hans has given it his best effort, which suggests that his intention+
is to assist development of evo, then he is missing a lot of details in
his posting.

Why are you supposing that it's his intention to assist in developing Evo?

This is the Evo user's list; it sounded like a question from a user. The
developer's list is for people doing developing (coding) - at least,
that's how I interpret it. (the "developer's" list is called
"evolution-hackers", isn't it? In order to hack, you must code. :-)

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