Re: [Evolution] Problem with reply and other stuff (OT)

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 20:16, Jeffrey Stedfast wrote:
For more details, see:

That's pretty interesting.  I didn't know such a document existed. :)  I
hardly ever post in "summary reply" form as the IETF draft suggests.  My
habit, developed from my BBS days, is to always quote inline (aka
point-by-point reply) even if (such as in this case) I'm only quoting
one thing.  The reason is to immediately establish context.  I don't
think, as the IETF doc suggests, this detracts from the emphasis of my

What are other people's feelings on this?

As for removing the signature from the QRT, I have sent a couple emails
where it was relevant to quote the person's signature.  Every other time
I remove it manually, though.  I guess it'd be more convenient to have
Evo strip the signature from the QRT, but I have mixed feelings that it
may be doing the wrong thing.


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