Re: [Evolution] Problem with reply and other stuff

Fre 2002-10-18 klockan 00.51 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast:
On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 18:18, John Angelmo wrote:
Fre 2002-10-18 klockan 00.18 skrev Jeffrey Stedfast:
On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 17:54, John Angelmo wrote:

For some strange reason all my replys seems to start on top of the
message and not on the bottom (as the standard is) how can I fix that?


Standard is to put your reply below the quoted text, mozilla fixes this
without any problem

but you don't reply at the bottom, you comment within the quoted message
normally. If you are just replying to let them know "ok, sounds great"
no need to reply at the bottom and make the guy/gal scroll to the bottom
of the message to read it. That's pretty annoying, instead you'd want
that comment at the top of the message.

You reply below the text since it's easier to follow a thread, simple
standard stuff. Yes it's sometimes easier to do that if there are
several questions

I did choose to only write in text and no HTML is there any way to
remove the HTML icons that resides right above the messagebody?

not currently, no.

Are there any plans to fix it?

Probably. Does it really annoy you that badly though? Takes up like a
quarter-inch on my screen. Besides, you still need the Preformat/Normal
option menu.

Preformat? I just want to write regular text no html stuff so there's no
need for it

A reply should also remove everything below "-- " signature.

We had evolution do this for a bit but got complaints that it was
stripping more than signatures if the original sender used "-- " in the
body of his message somewhere.

You're welcome to send us a patch tho...should be easy enough to add,
just instead of doing a strstr (body, "\n-- \n") - you'd have to search
the string from the bottom up.

Thats another reason for replying below the text ;)
Why not have it as an option in the future Evolution 1.2?


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