Re: [Evolution] IMAP speed

On Thu, 2002-11-21 at 18:13, Scott Otterson wrote:

- The hang due to disconnects is not a problem with Linux but a bug
  in evolution.  I will submit a bug report on that.

This got a little lost in the shuffle before, but the reports at the
time were ppp0 (Linux's PPP interface) specific. I've observed the same
problem when an ethernet interface (Linux eth0) drops and there are open
IMAP connections over it. I presume that it is totally interface
unspecific - just that if the TCP connection gets dropped for whatever
reason and evolution doesn't know about it it doesn't get to be very
graceful dealing with it.

One addition to this: you can try and shut down evolution, but it just
sits there trying to kill the Shell.

When Scott submits his bug report I will add to it with an example of
what I've observed.


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