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So sprach »Ricardo Amadeo Contreras« am 2001-08-20 um 12:57:25 -0500 :
more cases.  For example, you only deleted (i gather from your post) a
single message in each of your test cases.  What would happen if you

That's right, yes.

deleted many messages scattered throughout and then 'expunged'. (If you
have a >5000 message mbox, say deleting 10%... or about 50 messages
scattered throughout the mbox file.)  how would this compare against
maildir (or mh)?

Well, one thing is for sure - deleting messages is *ALWAYS* a lot faster
in Maildir.  After all, deleting a message in a Maildir (MH) mailspool
means that only one (or more) files have to be deleted.  In mbox, the
mbox file needs to be completely rewritten.  But your wish is my command

I'll delete 500 messages and measure the time it takes.  To do so, I'll
sort the mbox by the authors name and then delete the first 500 (~10%).
This should make the messages fairly scuttered around the whole file.
The times are only for mbox.  Measuring Maildir wouldn't make sense - it
would of course be way faster.  Oh well - in mutt it took <1 second to
delete the same 500 messages.

mutt:                   4 seconds
elm:                    5 seconds
pine:                   21 seconds (29 seconds for the full rewrite)
evolution 0.12 mbox:    43 seconds
evolution maildir:      6 seconds

And of course you're using a different mua, which may not handle message
deletion in the same way as evolution/camel.  (I don't know mutt so I

That's right, so here are the stats for Evolution 0.12.


First delete:           38 seconds
middle delete:          36 seconds
last delete:            38 seconds


First delete:           8 seconds
middle delete:          3 seconds
last delete:            3 seconds

you select Action->Expunge (or Empty Trash).  Does mutt do each deletion
at the time you mark a message for deletion or does it work similarly to
Evolution's method?

It's using the Evolution method.  You mark a message for deletion, and
when you "sync" (think: Action->Expunge) the spool or change to a
different spool, mutt deletes the message(s).

I usually read all of my mail messages and mark everything I don't want
to keep for deletion... by the time I actually expunge (empty trash)
there are probably 30-50 messages, maybe more, marked for deletion.

Yes, same here.  But the messages I delete are usually at the end of the
file.  This is because at the beginning of the file are mostly messages
I wish to keep.  "Leftovers" from previous "visits" to this spool.

Thanx for the stats... 


I noticed, that the overly long times of Evolution with mbox files are
because of the 2nd step "Ordner wird synchronisiert" ("Synchronizing
folder" ?).  This alone takes about 30 seconds each time.  I wonder why
this step takes so extremely long!?  When the folder is first opened,
this step doesn't take quite as long.

I suppose, someone should have a close look at what's causing this
tremendous break down so that Evolution also behaves nicely there.

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