Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Restoring presence in the SIP code

On 25/09/10 15:12, Julien Puydt wrote:
Le 25/09/2010 13:52, Julien Puydt a écrit :
Le 25/09/2010 13:13, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
On 24/09/10 22:14, Julien Puydt wrote:
Perhaps I should still commit what I have, since it's still an

The only problem with the patch is that NOTIFY dialog;sla still does not

2010/08/14 12:34:27.845 0:03.470 Opal Liste...0x55f91710 SIPPres NOTIFY
contains unsupported Content-Type "", expecting

Could we do a release without it, what do you think? If yes, we will
precise what does not work in that unstable release.

Ok, here is what I did :
- I committed the old patch a little cleaned, but which made presence
sort of work ;
- I committed a patch which removed what I just committed, and switched
to the new api.

So that leaves ekiga in a state where opal presence is still broken, but
the code should look better -- and the ui is alive again.

I still have to find out why I don't see myself online...

I get those in -d 4 :

SIP/2.0 489 Event Not Supported
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK4adc9637-12c7-df11-8330-0013e88a1313;rport=5060

Server: Kamailio (1.5.3-notls (i386/linux))
From: <sip:500 ekiga net>;tag=60859637-12c7-df11-8330-0013e88a1313
Call-ID: 04258f37-12c7-df11-8330-0013e88a1313 noether
To: <sip:500 ekiga net>;tag=c64e1f832a41ec1c1f4e5673ac5b80f6.a2cd
Content-Length: 0

Are you sure that this packet is about the presence? I think such messages have always appeared.

The error I had without the patch was another one (something like "callback for presence not found"), so you are in the right direction.

You can install ekiga from debian official and compare the output of both ekiga to see clearer what changes.


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