Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Restoring presence in the SIP code

I made a breakthrough!

Le 24/09/2010 14:57, Julien Puydt a écrit :
I broke that bug report into two since I found there were two problems :

That one is a valid bug but doesn't hurt us.

That one is INVALID. The problem is in the piece of code Eugen sent the other day (where does it come from, by the way?).

It was doing : info.m_entity = from.AsQuotedString();
and changing that to : info.m_entity = from.AsString();
made presence just work. I'm suspicious about the other AsQuotedString next line, though.

I think I'm able to rewrite that code and make ekiga use the new api.

Does that sound nice?


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