Re: [Ekiga-devel-list] Restoring presence in the SIP code

On 23/09/10 13:54, Julien Puydt wrote:

I had a look ; everything is supposed to happen in
lib/engine/components/opal -- as I already mentioned, the fact that
presence works ok for the loudmouth code means everything is ok in the
engine and the ui.

In opal-main.cpp, we see :
presence_core->add_presence_fetcher (sip_manager);
which makes it clear that the sip_manager object is responsible of
pushing the presence to the rest of ekiga. That sip_manager is a
Opal::Sip::Endpoint, so the track leads to sip-endpoint.cpp.

The method Opal::Sip::EndPoint::presence_status_in_main does trigger the
right signals, and is supposed to run in main -- things look pretty sane
at that point.

So, where is that method called? It's done in two places :
(1) Opal::Sip::EndPoint::OnPresenceInfoReceived
(2) Opal::Sip::EndPoint::OnDialogInfoReceived

The problem is : when I added stupid printf statements in the functions
I just mentioned... None was triggered.

Food for thoughts...

I do not understand: does the code work or not? If not, could you fix it (or have you find when the problem is introduced etc.)?


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