Re: Adding comments to an object

On 4/22/14 11:17 AM, Hans Breuer wrote:
At 22.04.2014 04:01, Ken Springer wrote:
So you could use the "UML - Class" object in Dia as your box with just a
simple string (the class name). Switch off "Attributes visible" and
"Operations visible", to get rid of the two additional areas.

And this is all more than I understand.   LOL

Your extra window for more information would be just the properties dialog
having a lot of fields you could now fill with additional, invisible
information. You can keep it open while navigating your diagram, but
updating to the selection requires a double click.

Are you saying each rectangular object would have it's own properties box?
If so, it might work.  A problem I'm anticipating is one object might need
50 characters of text, yet another may need 250 characters of text.

There is only one property dialog open at the same time. It just can adapt
to the selected object. The link above shows it's UML - Class incarnation.

Thank you, Hans!  I think that will work!

Is the text/character length of the comment field unlimited?

Ken Springer

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