Re: Displayed page breaks?

To Doug, I haven't checked recently, but believe the rulers always show cm regardless the "input settings" you choose.  As I understand it you can define stuff in terms of inches and so on (what I call input settings), but the rulers will still show cm.  Some time ago I asked about changing the ruler output and apparently that isn't implemented so it is an opportunity for someone who programs to make a contribution.

To Chris, I think your arithmetic and/or understanding are not correct.  I sympathize completely - this is not transparent and I had to mess a round a lot before I was sure I understood how it all worked.  I apologize if I have been unable to explain in a way that convinces you.  If you have the skill you could look at the code itself and see what can make it better.  I don't have that skill so I just had to figure out how I could work with it as it is.  I feel like I am getting my money's worth so I don't complain about it anymore.

On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 8:00 PM, Doug Wellington <ddw rincon com> wrote:
> There is zoom factor and there is scale.  Zoom factor brings you closer to your work without affecting how the rulers look relative to the page breaks and grid (and your Dia).  Scaling (on the Page Setup dialog with the margins). Changes the page behind the graphics and the ruler.

OK, cool.  I'm using a 200% magnify in the preferences dialog, but leaving the scaling at 100% in the Page Setup dialog.

So, it looks like what I'm seeing isn't directly with the page break display after all.  The problem occurs if you change the length unit to Millimeter in the preferences dialog, then you get the bogus margin display in the Page Setup dialog.

It would be very nice to have a place to set margins permanently in the Diagram Defaults.  (I always use .75" on the long side to make room for binder holes and .5" on the other three sides.)

Thanks for your help!

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