RE: Displayed page breaks?

Chris Green wrote:
Exactly the question I asked a while ago and no one believed the numbers simply don't add up correctly.

I'm definitely with Chris on this.  To see exactly what Chris and I are seeing, please follow these steps:

1) Go to File > Preferences > User Interface on the main window
2) Set Length Unit to Millimeter
3) Click OK
4) Go to File > Page Setup on the diagram window.  Margins will be listed as 13.47, 13.47, 10.30 and 10.30.  
This does not match the displayed page breaks!

Changing the margin settings in the Page Setup dialog *does* correct the page break display, but now your 
margins are limited to a maximum of 10.30mm and 13.47mm.  Also note that if you click the down arrow on the 
margin setting, it jumps from 13.47 to 10.20 and you can not get back to 13.47 or anything larger than 10.30.

This is a bug with using Millimeter for the Length Unit.  The workaround is to use Centimeter.


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