Re: libpng13.dll - windows error

Thanks Steffen.
I gave in held my breath and installed the lates GTK all went well Dia is working and other things didnt break :) BTW the windows install was a bit strange. If I accepted the default dir it installed fine but If I used browse to install it somewhere else it crashed hanging on the dir list box. I eventually typed the pathname on the command line box and it again installed fine.

Thanks muchly

Steffen Macke wrote:


cant find libpng13.dll

any ideas?

libpng13.dll is part of GTK+ 2.8, which is what we are advising to run
Dia for Windows 0.95-1 with. If you have problems with this, I can
send you the DLL separately or you can
download it e.g. through the libpng distribution from


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