Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

Dave Neary wrote:
> In general I'm interested in how dogmatic the "use GNOME infrastructure"
> requirement is, in the case of each team what the reasons & motivations
> are, and how we can integrate personal preferences of module maintainers
> & translators for things like bug trackers & translation infrastructure
> (in the same way that git2svn allowed developers to commit to git for
> GNOME modules, even before GNOME had migrated).

I agree that we shouldn't be dogmatic about this. That said, I do think
that it is important for a core module to use GNOME Bugzilla. These
components are supposed to be developed and presented as integrated
parts of the system. That makes using a common issue tracking system

Speaking personally, I can't imagine being able to effectively work on
Deja Dup/Backup if it doesn't use GNOME Bugzilla. It would be good to
have a debate about this if anyone disagrees though. It's important to
be pragmatic where desirable functionality is concerned.

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