Re: GNOME Feature Proposal: Backup

Sebastian Pölsterl wrote:
> Am 18.05.2011 19:21, schrieb Michael Terry:
>> And also, does being in git imply that the translation team would
>> automatically consider the module?
> Not automatically, you have to be added[1] to
> [1]:


Is the GNOME l10n team following & translating any modules using Rosetta
or Transifex at the moment? How hard would it be to add a module using
one of those to Damned Lies?

In general I'm interested in how dogmatic the "use GNOME infrastructure"
requirement is, in the case of each team what the reasons & motivations
are, and how we can integrate personal preferences of module maintainers
& translators for things like bug trackers & translation infrastructure
(in the same way that git2svn allowed developers to commit to git for
GNOME modules, even before GNOME had migrated).


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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