Re: On the Interaction with the design team

> As a foundation member and supporter of GNOME I don't even know myself 
> how to give a feedback that matters and join the hundreds unhappy 
> contributors with this decision (users spend hours looking at how they 
> can power off their machine, talk about good UX...), nor can I point 
> anyone to a method to give feedback that matters that would help to get 
> our voice heard.

Yip, this is exactly my position and I face the same dilemma.

I decided to just minimize [1] all my public open-source contribution
[2]. I don't know how to make things better in this new design-driven
world, so I will just settle for not making things worse.

I guess this is progress; GNOME3 is, on balance, certainly very good.

This email is not intended to be rude, nor taken badly. It is a
reflection of private correspondence I have had with other hackers who
might abstain from these contentious discussion on d-d-l for the reasons
cited above.


[1] gnome-tweak-tool, user-theme not withstanding. Those were my bridge
building exercises between the hypothetical 'power user' and the
hypothetical 'GNOME3 architects'.
[2] I just put stuff on github and never mention it...

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