Re: On the Interaction with the design team


sorry, I'm attaching this to the latest email on the thread, but it's
really a request to both Johannes and Dave.

can you please explain to me, in a short sentence, what do you want to
achieve? not how, but precisely what.

I've seen people going round in circles and I still haven't understood
what is the endgame of this discussion.

Dave, Johannes: do you want to participate in the design decisions?

do you want some history and/or accountability?

do you have *specific* issues related to you (sorry, no "the community
might feel" or "there have been rumors" or "people can misunderstand")?

do you want to manage expectations? is this some community management

because I honestly don't understand what's the point of all this.

if we did a pass of sed and changed gnome-design team to gnome-utils
maintainers, would you expect the gnome-utils maintainers to use
a mailing list and document every decisions made in the project and
involve everyone (and yes: it's a serious question)?

 Emmanuele, who's trying to understand.


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