Re: On the Interaction with the design team


>   This discussion reminds me of the one we had about switching to DVCS
> some years back. At that time, most of the core developers wanted to
> use git but most of the rest were opposed to that. While I don't claim
> this situation is the same, this discussion is also about which tools
> to use/not use and when it comes to that, IMO the people doing the
> actual world should be the ones deciding. The rest should simply
> 'adapt'.

No, this is a different discussion. Back then we were discussing a tool
that could be easily (or maybe not that easily but with some learning)
adapted by anybody. 

Requesting the use of real-time communication is different as it isn't
possible to join there for everyone even if they are willing because
they might simply need some sleep.

If you remember the DVCS discussion, there were some technical problems
but some people stood up to solve them (thanks Owen) and a survey was
held that clearly showed that most people actually affected agreed.

And overall, we are not discussing if IRC is bad or good or if mailing
lists are good or bad but we are searching for a solution everybody can
participate that is acceptable by those people doing most of the work.


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