Re: On the Interaction with the design team

Johannes Schmid wrote:
> Hi Allan!
> >> Yes. *I* was annoyed by the recent Deja Dup discussion, and felt that
> >> the developer got short-changed at the end of the day. I was very
> >> annoyed at the "systemd as external dependency" discussion, and the
> >> message that some people following along the "GNOME OS" meme sent to
> >> developers on other platforms.
> >
> > There seems to be some confusion here. Frankly, I have no idea what the
> > design team has to do with either the Deja Dup or systemd discussions. I
> > only ever received positive comments about having GNOME Backup from our
> > designers. As for GNOME OS, though members of our designers are involved
> > in some related work (all in the open: see [1]), I wouldn't say that the
> > team is a driving force behind that initiative (though I'm pretty sure
> > they all think it's a good idea).
> >
> > It feels like our design team is being blamed for every controversial
> > decision or discussion here. It might come as a shock to some, but we're
> > generally just busy designing UI. :)
> Actually yes, it would be a bit unfair to blame the design-team (or only
> the design-team) here. But at least from what I remember from the
> discussion about Deja-Dup it was not a pleasant experience for somebody
> wanting to integrate with GNOME. The points I remember:
> * GNOME designers decide how that feature should look - not you as a
> maintainer

We'd want to work with the maintainer to develop the design. That's the
way it usually happens.

> * You need to give up your brand "Deja Dup" if you want to be part of GNOME
> * Deja-Dup isn't allowed to exist in parallel as a application
> (+ a lot of technical stuff about control-center and external capplets)

I only ever raised that as a potential issue (I thought I'd been quite
explicit about that).

This has nothing to do with design. They were issues that I raised
independently, and there was never any discussion about them within the
design team. I actually felt that I was operating within a marketing
role, not design.

So you're doing it again - picking up on something and assuming it is
coming from the design team when it's not.

> I am pretty sure that things were not entirely meant that way but if you
> read the discussion on d-d-l the impression stays pretty much.

If that's the impression you got then I apologise - it was never the

> I guess Dave used the systemd discussion as a example for a possible bad
> attitude in GNOME but it is clearly unrelated from design things.


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