Re: gnome 3

On 04/18/2011 09:52 AM, Justin Joseph wrote:
Thank you!!! And show me how do I access so called 'hibernate' in gnome
I didn't ask for a name. I asked for a feature.

One more issue. I have just one user account in my system. Still I get
'logout' and 'switch user' in the menus. and obviously no restart or

You get "Power Off" instead of "Log Out" from pressing Alt when the menu is shown. This is counter-intuitive IMO.

Additionally, if you have one user on the system anyway, why would you ever need "Log Out" or "Switch User", they seem quite redundant to me?

I agree with Alan on the Suspend vs. Hibernate issue too. I remember a GUADEC or two back, I shut my laptop lid, thinking it was hibernated and it didn't. Instead, it almost overheated and I lost all my battery power by the time I noticed. Suspend is quite useless for me generally and with today's SSD speeds, booting up is just as fast as hibernating on my Lenovo X201.

The other reason I don't use it is related to network manager/sim card issues when trying to use a 3g network when travelling - but that may have been fixed by now.


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