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I think this discussion is more pertinent in the usability ML; I'm adding that in CC and to the Reply-to.

On 04/14/2011 11:24 AM, Jasper St. Pierre wrote:
    Today, I'm writing to you for the first time and it's about this new version
    of gnome 3. I was surprised: lots of changes, but I had little problem about
    all this new way of getting things done. Great work! However, the total lack
    of customization is totally unacceptable to me. So sorry guys, but after all
    these years, you lost me. I just wanted you to know it, since you can't
    guess. Thank you for everything.

Well, we can't add flags and switches for every little piece of the user
experience, so what are some of the major things that ought to be customizable?

I can tell a few things that are important to me to be customizable, with a big disclaimer though: I didn't try gnome 3 yet, my assumptions are based on the things I've read about it.

- Suspend on laptop lid closed; many people have asked for this to be configurable.

- Theme.

Then, not related to configurability, something I like to complain about:

- Usage of GtkSwitch should depend on whether the device has a touchscreen; if it hasn't, it should never be shown; and even when there there is a touchscreen, it should be used only when it makes sense: that is, it's turning on/off a device (such as a webcam), never for configuration options.

Just my two cents.


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