Re: gnome 3

> > The correct use case for any electronic device is power on when using it,
> > power off when not.
>  I couldn't agree any more. The default behaviour should be
> shut-down/restart.

In the suspend case there are very good reasons for not wanting the user
to think they have powered off and get a nasty surprise like overheating
but in the hibernate case the device *is* off. The system state is
committed to disk and the power is killed.

Using suspend when a laptop is being moved also violates many companies
security policies because it's rather too easy to extract data from such
a system. If it's stolen when using hibernate + encryption it is pretty

So you don't want to muddle suspend and hibernate + poweroff.

> This will be awesome if can have this behaviour. When starting the computer
> user can select between 'resume' and 'new session'. Can we not write the
> session data to the disk and access it on next boot?

It's called "hibernate". Most electronica comes back on in roughly the
state you turned it off.

You want a real "power off" as well to recover from nasty situations but
that is "discard the hibernate session"

The other big nasty to beware of though is removable media. A hibernated
system has not necessarily left removable media in a state they are
unmounted. That is going to be an expectation the desktop needs to
properly manage.

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