Re: gnome 3

On Sun, Apr 17, 2011 at 11:19, Sam Thursfield <ssssam gmail com> wrote:
> I've been watching this discussion with increasing disappointment.
> Suspend and hibernate are both hacks around the fact that power on and
> power off take a long time and that our session manager doesn't save
> session state.
> Lots of progress is being made on system boot up time, it's improved
> massively in the last few years in various distros and more cool stuff
> is still to come. There are movements towards replacing the ancient PC
> BIOS as well. And the next version of OSX contains "Resume" - which
> saves the session between restarts.
> Let's do our batteries a favour and concentrate on the real problems,
> rather than creating an increasingly complex set of workarounds. The
> correct use case for any electronic device is power on when using it,
> power off when not.

It's more than that (unless I'm lost in the discussion)...

One example: when you have a desktop setup, with a whole bunch of
terminals open, some with chroot running, it's far faster to just
Suspend/Hibernate than to reboot and then having to setup all of that
again. That's one of the reasons why Suspend/Hibernate is such a great
invention. Even if the system booted in half a second, it takes longer
to get to previous working state. Luckily the browsers save previous
state (automatic), and so does gnome-session (via a setting that some
people wouldn't know of), so that's two less thing to worry. There's
ways to do this with gnome-terminal, but it's hard to set it up (one
must know shells a little more intimately than is willing). I don't
know about other terminals.

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