Re: gnome 3

Suspend and hibernate are both hacks around the fact that power on and
power off take a long time and that our session manager doesn't save
session state.
The correct use case for any electronic device is power on when using it,
power off when not.

 I couldn't agree any more. The default behaviour should be shut-down/restart.

Lots of progress is being made on system boot up time, it's improved
massively in the last few years in various distros and more cool stuff
is still to come. There are movements towards replacing the ancient PC
BIOS as well. And the next version of OSX contains "Resume" - which
saves the session between restarts.

This will be awesome if can have this behaviour. When starting the computer user can select between 'resume' and 'new session'. Can we not write the session data to the disk and access it on next boot?


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