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Le jeudi 14 avril 2011 à 05:17 -0400, Jasper St. Pierre a écrit : 
> Other people want it because suspend doesn't work on their hardware.
> Adding a configuration option is just putting wallpaper over the
> cracked wall; the real solution is to fix suspend. 

I’m sorry but I don’t buy this. Suspend is among the things that have
always been broken, mostly because of broken BIOSes. As long as we don’t
have control over the hardware, we can’t be sure it works.

> And in the meantime, the wallpaper should be to detect suspend works
> as intended, and do something else if you can't.

How can it detect that? There are just way too many ways it can fail.
Some machines will suspend but never resume. Some will resume but in a
wrong state. At that moment it’s too late to detect that suspend doesn’t
work. (And if you are talking about a whitelist/blacklist, then think of
its maintenance too.)

Even worse than the “suspend on lid close” behavior, is the idea to
suspend instead of shutting down. Computers are not all laptops, some of
them require to be unplugged sometimes. Laptops are not all used
everyday; they do not last more than 2 days in suspend mode. Add to that
the need to reboot to install kernel updates.

You need to take into account that the vast majority of our users use
PC-class hardware. And you might not like it, but with such hardware
they need to learn the difference between reboot, shutdown and suspend.
It’s true that it should not be the case, but if you want to fix that
you should develop hardware, not software. 
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