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On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 10:19 AM, Antoine Pézier <antoine pezier com> wrote:
I've been a linux user for personal use since 99, and then for my professional work. I used gnome since it's begginning and always prefered gnome's user experience over KDE: simplest, it just did what I needed it to do, the way I wanted.

Is there anything in gnome3 that you feel prevents you from experiencing the joy of "it just did what I needed to do, the way I wanted"? Something extremely broken is not the same as being customizable -- if there are any disappointments in the user experience, we'd love to know them so that we can identify flaws in our designs.

Today, I'm writing to you for the first time and it's about this new version of gnome 3. I was surprised: lots of changes, but I had little problem about all this new way of getting things done. Great work! However, the total lack of customization is totally unacceptable to me. So sorry guys, but after all these years, you lost me. I just wanted you to know it, since you can't guess. Thank you for everything.

Well, we can't add flags and switches for every little piece of the user experience, so what are some of the major things that ought to be customizable?
Antoine Pézier

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