Re: GNOME Moduleset Reorganization vs. L10N

On Sat, 2010-10-16 at 10:21 +0200, daniel g. siegel wrote:
> > I think especially the, "is not just used by GNOME", argument will be
> > difficult to circumvent.
> right, but in that case there is no problem to have it hosted on
>, like many other dependencies of gnome.

it's inconsequential: the whole problem is having it, or not having it,
on the server - because of authentication and access problem.

it doesn't matter where it is:,, - they all are *not*

as I said, I cannot move Clutter's authoritative repository from it's perfectly fine for the GNOME I18N project to
have a repository for translation purposes - and I'll gladly resync the
translations at every release.



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