Re: GNOME Moduleset Reorganization vs. L10N


> As much as I'd like to claim it, I don't think we can achieve
> everything with a single shot. :-) Maintainers of GNOME modules hosted
> outside of don't always feel comfortable with raw
> commits to their VCS (security, noise in the vcs history etc). Whether
> translations should be committed directly to a repo is a big
> discussion, and I believe maintainers are the ones with the final word
> on this.

Well, we are currently defining the requirements for modules not hosted
on (if we allow them at all). If people are so keen on not
hosting on they will probably have to allow automatic

Anyway, just everybody following the thread: We haven't yet decided if
we move to something different than damned-lies or allow non modules at all! We are just discussing how everything
could look like.


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