Re: gnome2 and gnome3: strategy of coexisting

On Mon, 2010-10-11 at 23:38 +0100, Sergey Udaltsov wrote:
> Here you got me confused a bit. Does that mean that components used
> both in "gnome3" and
> "gnome3 classic" should be able to behave differently depending on how
> they are used?
> From my perspective, I am asking about gnome-settings-daemon. The tiny
> bit of gnome that I maintain (kbd indicator) is implemented as
> GtkStatusIcon in gnome2. For proper gnome3 integration, I have to do
> some work to integrate it into gnome-shell. What about "gnome3
> classic" mode? Should I maintain two variants?
> I do not think this is the only example of situation when the system
> components would behave differently depending on whether they are run
> within full or classic gnome3. Was that discussed before?

I actually have that same problem with gnome-bluetooth, and gnome-media,
and Richard with gnome-power-manager. They all provide core components,
and all use status icons.

For your gnome-settings-daemon code, just make sure that you keep the
same name for the status icon (gnome-shell can hide certain status icons
selectively), and help out implementing:

The system status icons live directly in gnome-shell, and, as long as
you provide all the backing libraries with introspection enabled, I'm
sure one of the shell hackers can help you out with implementing that

> And anyway, gnome3 in classic mode is not the same thing as gnome2.
> The user experience would be as close as possible - but not the same,
> I suspect. And, what's worse, I do not expect the same the stability
> as gnome2 provides these days. So the possibility to have real gnome2
> would be attractive for some while, I guess...

You could also use GNOME 1.x, I'm sure that's solid...

I'm not sure what you expect in terms of stability for our biggest
release ever, and right in the middle of the development cycle.

> But, you actually answered that question already. I can dislike your
> answer, but perhaps it is a bit too late to express concerns.
> Translating from Russian: too late for the mineral water, the liver is
> already gone.

GNOME 2.32.x will still be available, and bug fix releases made in due
course, so distributions are free to ship that if they feel they want
stability, knowing full well that their experience will be outdated as
soon as shipped.


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