Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet

On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 13:32 +0100, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro wrote:
>   It's possible, and I know how.
>   Say you have 10 python applets.  Now, it should be feasible to
> leverage the bonobo component system to make them all share the same
> process, like this:
> 	1. Create a special exe factory, which is a python program;
> 	2. This special factory, for each OAFIID to activate, would:
> 		i) import a module with the same name as the iid;
> 		ii) call a predefined get_object() function on this module;
> 	3. Each python applet would install a .server file that would reference
> the python factory IID;
> 	4. Each python applet would install it's code as a python
> module/package with the name of the IID;
>   The result: a single process (per user, per display), and a single
> main loop, for all applets.  Of course this means if one applet
> deadlocks or dies, they all die.  But at least dying in python is not so
> easy.  You usually get only an exception that is ignored.  Deadlock is
> easier if they use threads.

This can be a solution, but it won't help unless there are more than 1
pyhon applet running :) Anyway if this ever get implemented i'll be the
first one to use it.

Concerning the if one dies all dies, that won't happen with python,
since you can always try/catch at the topmost level and remove the dying
applet easily. Deadlock is another thing, i don't know if applets often


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