Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet


> > Settle down - you're being too antagonistic about this and it's making
> > the discussion go nowhere.
> then don't tell me the discussion about VM-based languages is over.

Ok, I won't.  Also note, I didn't.

>  I
> started answering this thread with real statistics about memory usage. I
> then said i don't think deskbar-applet will one day take less than 20MB
> or resident memory.
> So my real point is : __I__ think 22MB of memory usage for a single
> applet (applet according Davyd's definition) is unaffortable. No applet
> should take more than 10MB (shared and non-shared). I'm running 10
> applets, how could i run 10 applets each taking 22MB ?

But are you sure that 10 python applets would each consume 22 MB ? How
much of this 22 MB would be shared among python applets ?


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