Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet

Le dimanche 23 octobre 2005 à 19:19 +0200, Raphael Slinckx a écrit :
> == Requirements ==
> Required dependencies:
>  * Python 2.3 or above


- deskbar-applet startup is as long as full gnome startup: 6s for
loading the applet on my ppc 1GHz.

- Memory usage on startup : 22MB RES

	this is the highest memory usage after X on startup.
	(for the record, the second biggest applet is wnck-applet with 8MB RES)

	let's have a look :
	python -c "import operator, gtop; print reduce(operator.add, [(m.end -
m.start) for m in gtop.proc_map(`pgrep python`) if m.perm &

	~10 MB of writable/unshared memory.

I really don't see what's the point in getting python into desktop. Many
people are spending their time optimizing startup time and memory usage.
A single python applet would annihilate all that painful work. I'am a
python hacker but i think it is unaffortable in desktop.


NB: this is off-topic. For the same reasons, i don't like ubuntu update
applet. It is the biggest app on startup, even Xorg takes less memory.

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