Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet


> >  That excludes lots of users, me being the first.
> I'm sad to here it. Fully understood : you don't care about many of us
> (users. You don't mind ruining everyone else improvements. You're right,
> time is not to improvements, please everyone unsuscribe
> performance-list.

You are overreacting a little.  Raphael is making the point that this is
optional - if you don't add the appet to your panel, you won't incur the
memory loss.  So how would he be ruining other people's improvements ?

If I choose to run a program on my GNOME desktop today that does nothing
else than stat() and read() every file on my harddisk in an endless
loop, it does not ruin other people's improvements to GNOME.  I'll just
have a slow desktop, that's all.

> > * Most users don't care about an applet taking a bit more memory than
> > others, most will not even see it.
> This is wrong. Most users do care about performance. Many users switch
> from KDE because GNOME runs smoother on their computer. Many users
> switch to XFCE for the same reason.

He did not say users do not care about performance.  He is saying that
there are a lot of users that accept the tradeoff if they would use the
applet.  Obviously, you are not such a person, which is fine - you would
not be using the applet.

Settle down - you're being too antagonistic about this and it's making
the discussion go nowhere.


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