Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet

On Wed, 2005-10-26 at 19:18 +0200, Beno�Dejean wrote:
> Le mercredi 26 octobre 2005 �9:04 +0200, Thomas Vander Stichele a
> �it :
> > Hi,
> > But are you sure that 10 python applets would each consume 22 MB ? How
> > much of this 22 MB would be shared among python applets ?
> In my my first email, i reported that deskbar-applet takes 22MB RES :
> 10MB are writable and can't be shared.

Ok, so the non-sharable part is about what you would accept as an
applet's consumption ?

Further, there are ways to make the applets share the python process
space, which would make them share a big chunk of the 10 MB
non-shareable space.

But I'm a little confused as to what alternative you are proposing
exactly - are you saying that all applets should be written in C until
the end of time ? I don't see any other way to avoid incurring some
memory "loss" for applets.


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