Re: Gnome 2.14 Module Proposal: Deskbar Applet

Le mardi 25 octobre 2005 à 22:26 +0200, Raphael Slinckx a écrit :
> Hi !

> > i meant 6s startup with CPU 100%
> Yes that's a problem and we will be fixing it, but if you install the
> applet you are accepting it's drawbacks.

You said :

> This mail introduces the deskbar-applet, and officially propose its
> inclusion in the gnome 2.14 desktop release !

so i'm not accepting anything, you are proposing for inclusion.

> Having the desktop or email program (*hint* /me looks at evolution
> *hint*) start fast is crucial.

"Hey look, THEY do 'bad' things, so you wont mind if i do the same"

> Having an applet start slow is just a problem for those who care about
> performance.

but i tought that 

> Having the desktop [...] start fast is crucial


>  That excludes lots of users, me being the first.

I'm sad to here it. Fully understood : you don't care about many of us
(users. You don't mind ruining everyone else improvements. You're right,
time is not to improvements, please everyone unsuscribe

> * Most users don't care about an applet taking a bit more memory than
> others, most will not even see it.

This is wrong. Most users do care about performance. Many users switch
from KDE because GNOME runs smoother on their computer. Many users
switch to XFCE for the same reason.
And 22MB is not "a bit more". This is more than every other gnome
application (excluding evolution). Often more than X.

> Concerning the startup time (i do not have any figures to back this up,
> just my intuition) (also most of the time deskbar will be launched when
> the caches are 'cold'):

Are you suggesting me to start deskbar-applet twice so it loads
faster ? :)

> * 1 second to launch python/bonobo
> * 1 second to init pygtk
> * 1 second to init misc lib stuff
> * 3 seconds to index
>  - .desktop files (also lot of IO here)
>  - browser bookmarks, search engines
>  - browser history
> The first three points can hardly be trimmed down.

that's the problem.

> (lease keep the debate 'python will eat your ass' closed now, we *know*
> python eats memory, cope with it)


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