Re: Font Configuration Applet

On Sun, 2004-12-05 at 18:58 +0100, Sebastian Kapfer wrote:
> BTW, the DPI setting is nuts anyway.  I'm running the same GNOME setup
> on different machines which of course have different DPI numbers.
> I've set up the X servers with the correct DisplaySizes, but found no
> way (UI or GConf) to tell GNOME to leave my XFT DPI settings alone.
> Instead, I had to patch settings-daemon to stop messing with it.
> Sorry if I missed something obvious.
> So, I think the DPI stuff should be made machine-specific and belongs
> into the RANDR applet anyway (with a _GUI_ option to turn it off, or
> at least defaulting to _off_!)

My case is network booted workstations with different resolutions and
shared /home on NFS.

This means that the DPI will always be off, and even when its set
correctly in the X config, its wrong inside Gnome,  until I figured out
a script that would grab the DPI info from xdpyinfo and set it
automatically to the right value using gconftool-2.  Handy script that
goes into xinitrc.d bootup.

This would be a good preference to add "Take DPI information from
display" with an alternative to override with a set number, if your X is
malconfigured. (less and less are thanks to working X probing and DDC)

However, we don't have a perfect world for this, yet.


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