Re: build sherrif-ery - nautilus-media fails to configure


> I've mentioned this in some of my other emails. It's not just a simple
> build fix, unfortunately; it depends on some actual decisions being made
> about the future of nautilus-media. See the discussion starting here:
> I would urge the maintainers to figure this out quickly so that we can
> get to testing the merged functionality, and translators and others can
> stop worrying about code/strings that we'll dump.

There's only one maintainer and that's me.  And as people pointed out,
there *is* no good solution.  Stuff got removed from nautilus, and I
guess since it's not a platform module that's considered fine.  However,
there is no alternative provided by nautilus at all, so I really don't
see how the functionality can be provided.

I'm trying hard not to be annoyed because of that.

So really, the only way the build problem can be "solved" is to have
someone tell me what to do with this.


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