Re: Say goodbye to those ugly ass add-to-panel submenu blues

Am Fr, den 21.11.2003 schrieb Andrew Sobala um 23:43:
> (Forgot to reply to list. Hmm.)
> On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 17:40, Erick Woods wrote:
> > as GNOME grows, the number of applets will increase exponentially.
> Could be worth seeing :-)
> I agree that the categories at current are confusing, but we need some
> way of finding an applet that doesn't require remembering the exact name
> so you can find it in an alphabetical list. We probably ship 20-30, and
> users will add a few more. That makes it hard to find things.
So we need an instant-apply search entry (case insensitive) and a clear
button next to it - where is the problem? :)


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