Re: Say goodbye to those ugly ass add-to-panel submenu blues

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, iain wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 17:21, Erick Woods wrote:
> > The patch is nice, but now everything is lumped together and
> > That could lead to even more confusion.
> How?
> What did the categories tell you that the longer description given
> beside each thing didn't?

Maybe categorizing them won't work or isn't necessary, but as GNOME grows,
the number of applets will increase exponentially.  I am aware of several
applets which are currently in development.  I'm sure there are many I don't
know of and many more to come.  Should people really be expected to scroll
through a list of 10, 100, 500 applets that are available?  That is a
usability nightmare which is far worse than the menus.

> Seth and I decided that the categories were a fairly artificial
> seperation that didn't add anything. I did have an old version that had
> categories, but I didn't like it.

Then make it non-artificial and less arbitrary.  Come up with a formal
specification for categorizing these things.  I have my tsclient applet
dropped into "Internet".  That's not the greatest spot imo, but it works and
there were no guidlelines for it's location when I did it.

Erick Woods
erick gnomepro com

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