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Il gio, 2003-11-06 alle 01:45, Erick Woods ha scritto:

> That is another good point.  GNOME needs it's own way, it's own identity in
> the regard.  It may be a Launch button like a Windows Start button or a foot
> menu on a menu panel, but it needs to be consistant. 

I agree with you when you say "consistant".

>  Leaving it to the user
> or sysadmins is not good.  

Sysadmin has the power to customize the environment...why don't?

> They should be able to change it, thus the
> exalted choice that people need, but GNOME needs a good default to identify
> and promote.


> Any other ideas?

A this point I think you take the classical Start button as the way to
do...because Windows did it.
I don't think so.
My initial solution is to remove at all the 'foot' applet from the bar
and create a Folder into $HOME inside that there are my items.
Sorry...$HOME is my desktop.
Some simple screenshots here:

I'm not sure that this will be a good solution...but I can say you that
it's more usable than the classical Star button into a bar.
The purpose of the bar must 'reduced to the max'.
My user testers now feels better using this folder Menu (called
'Menu')...because it's simple and consistant with the rest of their
spatial desktop composed just with object made with .dektop, folders,
files (documents, waves, pictures, etc etc)...where you can use the same
handling paradigm (drag 'n drop).
I feel this could be the right approach.
I've to say you that my target are simply peoples that doesn't know
about computers with little knowledge with Windows 98/XP or nothing
I used thi solution because using the menu bar you introduce a little of
navigational model instead to remain into a spatial/object paradigm.

My 2/10 cents

Luca Cappelletti

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