Re: About Panels - aka lynching time

Erick Woods menulis:

The real target is consistancy for users, support staff and across
distributions.  If anything, a set of guidelines could be developed that
suggest distributors provide a panel with the "start" button on it.  I think
the menu panel, at this point, could be something done in addition to a
basic panel, but not be relied upon as the only panel.  It would also be
beneficial to recommend that the text of the button NOT be changed or hidden
by distributors.  I think it should be a user pref to turn the text off.  I
would do it on my panels, but it would be good to know that most of the
users I support aren't likely to do that.

How about  for menu we use gnome foot logo with "Launch" text.
just like maddhater but the launch is text instead of image
distro can just remove the logo, but the "Launch" text remianed

so user will know "Start" is for windows, "Launch" is for GNOME

it's easier for us to tell user,
You may launch your program from "Application" menu or "Launch" Button

do i spell launch correctly?

Hasbullah Bin Pit (sebol)

"Fiber optic tu kecik, kalau kita letak high speed internet 312 Kbps tu,
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