Re: About Panels - aka lynching time

It might be interesting to have desktop themes that configures things like a
desktop with no start button and various things.  I believe that
functionality already exists but nobody seems to have done anything other
than showing screenshots of whats possible.


On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 04:46:17PM -0600, Erick Woods wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Nov 2003, Xavier Bestel wrote:
> > Le mer 05/11/2003 à 19:07, Erick Woods a écrit :
> > > A consistant "Launch" button in GNOME with a changable
> > > icon would be most excellent.  A power user could remove it or hide the
> > > text, but most others will not.
> >
> > Frankly, I hate that. It turns GNOME into a bad copy of Windows.
> > Do you really think MacOS X is unusable because it has no "Start" menu ?
> Hate it?  Remove it from _your_ desktop.  It's not a bad copy of anything.
> It's a good, consistant starting point for users.  MacOS doesn't have a
> start button, it has it's Apple menu - same thing.
> What does GNOME have?  Well, on this distro there is X and on this one there
> is Y and there really isn't anything on this other distro.  That is nasty
> for support and for usage.
> > Why not let distros add a "Launch" text if they want ?
> Why not have it in the upstream src and let the distro or users remove it if
> they want?  Advise distros through the HIG or something that removing it or
> drastically changing it is not a good idea.  Let them change the icon to
> their logo.  Provide consistant text, such as "Launch", so that translators
> don't have to fight with it.  Makes more sense.
> Erick Woods
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